Activities & clients


Nearly forty years of working experience mean a significant background, which is not easy to summarize. Particularly when the field of activity embraces the whole world of communication including activities, customers, stakeholders.


Undoubtedly, in the following shortlist I will miss some name and some other will be mentioned twice or three times as some times I’ve been involved by the same client in different project and aiming at different goals.

Institutional communication, crisis management, product and corporate social responsibility

P&G, Barilla, Fater, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Dinamolab

Social communication

ABIO Foundation, Aisico, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, UNICEF Italia, SOS Villaggi del Bambino, Progetto Sigillo/DAP

Corporate communication

ITA, Barilla, KDU University Kuala Lumpur, Unaproa, Starwood Hotels&Resorts


ITA, P&G, AltaRoma, Fater, Nestlé, Barilla, Coca-Cola, Unaproa, Roma Formula Futuro, Fondazione IGStudents, Italferr, Società Italiana di Chirurgia (italian society of surgery), Associazione Orafa Valenzana (Valenza goldsmiths’ association), Peliti Associati

Media relations

P&G, Fater, Nestlé, Progetto Sigillo/DAP, Borgo San Felice, Aisico, Filmaster, DietaLive, Società Italiana di Chirurgia (italian society of surgery)

Management training

SelexES/Finmeccanica, Formez, Business School IlSole24Ore, IED, Dynamos, P&G, Fater, Nestlé


Scrolling this list you may possibly get a final moving motion picture something that is difficult to fit entirely within a frame. This is due to communication itself, too versatile and multifaceted discipline to be stored into categories and or unmovable boundaries. But, most of all, because I do believe the best is yet to come.

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