Amid the many borders that communication is able to cross over, those geographical are included.

In my business carrier I had, and still have, the chance to overcome some with the result to add even more interest and passion in what I do.


In many cases, over the years, I have managed to guide some Italian companies in foreign markets. This opportunity has led me to join the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) also cooperating on behalf of the Altaroma for the promotion of Italian fashion in the world.

Some areas of the world have captured my interest: I am in charge as a Italian consultant for IAC, Overseas Investment Union of the Investment Association of China; Associm partners, Italy-Mongolia Chamber of Commerce; Itazercom, Italy-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce; co-founder of the Italia-Serbia association and partner of Itaufamily, italo-australian association for the promotion of cultural exchanges.


Some of these activities bring me frequently to represent a blend of knowledge and creativity known as Made in Italy, and it gives me the pleasure and also the pride of being humble but passionate ambassador of my wonderful country.

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