About me

I live and work in Rome, the city that I deeply love no matter what. And that is why I would always see my town in great shape.
Rome is the home from where I use to leave and get back the many many times communication call me out, either in Italy or abroad.
Travelling worldwide deepens a great experience that has always enriched me, and is one of the reasons I am so grateful to my work, which I continue to give more challenge, betting, energy.
These are the five “C”s for good communication: clarity, completeness, conciseness, concreteness and correctness, but please always remember that communication is not about what you say, but what message is received by others.

My roots and my center of gravity are deepened in my family and my fantastic sons.They are my greatest asset, along with a number of grandchildren scattered between Italy and Greece, as well as friends of a lifetime.
I enjoy reading, listening to music, visiting exhibitions, go to movies and concerts. I like photography, art, history, beauty in general.
As a good Italian, I tend to consider food as a culture and a pleasure to enjoy and share with the right company.