About my work

I started working in 1979 in a multinational public relations. Thanks to that first appointment I also started experiencing the world of communication, the vital source of a fascinating work still intact.

By nature I am rather inclined to consider work as an entrepreneurial act, that leads me to share challenges, take own responsibility, pushing me further on.

In following years I was involved in creating two different agencies, and later I was appointed as manager and later on I have been working as consultant for some more PR agencies.

Since 2003, I started working independently with my own firm Progetti di Comunicazione, and currently collaborate with companies, agencies, institutions, publishing houses, associations of various kind in Italy and abroad.

The pure and simple list of the things I deal with includes among all the organization of events, corporate communications and crisis management, product and institutional communication, corporate social responsibility, press office and media relations, management training, editorial productions both traditional and digital.

The ideal link which makes all these activities unique and fascinating, from time to time, is the pleasure behind composing a team, searching and picking the most suitable skills to succeed in a project and reach out a full customer satisfaction.

People, in short, who bind me respect and esteem, in some cases friendship, and every time the pleasure of discovering, together, where it will take us the next leg of the trip.