Decades of work experience, lived with intensity, mean a number and a variety of projects which is difficult to recap.

So I prefer to dedicate this space to my personal podium, just recalling the preferred three experiences that I personally consider a landmark of my work path, more than others.

These are just an example to show how, sometimes, communication is just the most appropriate leverage to enhance confidence between different people and entities, to create unexplored symbiosis, to move the frontiers of possible a little bit further on.

Un gioiello per la vita
The first example in order of time is the event dated 1990. The name of that event was Un gioiello per la vita, which involved a large number of well reputed persons from all backgrounds – politics, entertainment, sports, cinema, theatre, art in general – in designing a collection of 30 jewels.

Once designed, the jewels were manufactured by some companies of Associazione Orafa Valenzana (Valenza goldsmiths’ association), and then donated for being auctioned. The proceeds of the auction have been devolved to the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, chaired – at that time – by Professor Rita Levi Montalcini.

The great success of the project, has been considered as the true trailblazer in the field of social communication, and it convinced the ICE, to repeat the initiative under the brand A Jewel for Life. The show took place in the United States in 1992 and obtained an even greater success, providing its benefit for benefiting three different associations of scientific research and solidarity.

Quotidiano al femminile

The combination of business communication, art with a link to contemporary society has meant the success of Quotidiano al Femminile where great photographers have “shooted” dozens of women, representing different socio-economic types, in their everyday lives.

Designed and published in 2003 by Peliti Associates, on behalf of Fater, the project contributed to launch several photo exhibitions, initially focusing on single destination but at last carried around some of the major Italian cities.


Ospedale Amico

The third and inescapable mention is dedicated to Ospedale Amico (friendly hospital), a major project of solidarity created in 1999 thanks to the close collaboration between the non-profit organization ABIO (Association for the child in the hospital) and the large multinational conglomerate P&G, whose fruits are still visible in terms of furniture and game rooms in many tens of pediatric hospital throughout the national territory in which thousands of volunteers offer their time and energy to make children and teens hospitalization less burdensome.
This project remains a clear example of corporate social responsibility that widely and positively has influenced all social sector, is due to the relationship between P&G and ABIO. The same project has led to a further and unforgettable event with the title of Dottori a Colori (Doctors in Color), a veritable fashion show in which doctors and nurses from the Meyer Hospital in Florence have worn gowns designed by hospitalized children on the occasion of Pitti Bimbo. The presence of circa 200 international journalists, made extraordinary the echo rebounding all over the world to the problems connected with the hospitalization of children and adolescents.