Because of the ability to build bridges between people and things, in communication there are no watertight compartments.

With this belief, I always tried to play my role open minded, striving to give to my work what work gave to me.

Over the years, communication has allowed me to meet many people and gain credibility that now and very gladly, I infuse in a couple of “good causes”.

First of all, the ABIO Foundation Italy. An association dedicated to child in non-profit hospital. I have the honor to serve the ABIO as vice president and head of Institutional Relations.
ABIO is a voluntary organization, active in over 200 pediatric wards throughout the national territory to ensure the best possible welcome to the children that they live the experience of hospitalization and the maximum support to their families.

Then the Aisico – Italian Association for the Safety of Circulation. I am co-founder and vice president of the Aisico, on behalf of which I use to project and carry out several activities to promote, develop, affirm for the sake of a safe driving culture. The culture of imprinted guide is to protect all, starting with the weakest users like cyclists and pedestrians.

So it is very possible that joy and a hint of pride in my working and personal life are, at least in part, encouraged and supported by this.

I am partner of FERPI (Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana), and ASSIF (Associazione Italiana Fundraiser).

Recently, with great pleasure, I am also member of the team of the TEDxMatera, an international format that promotes and encourages the exchange of ideas, best practices and experiences in social activities all over the world.

Finally, I am offering my support to KidZdream, a new project with the aim to create an online database to let the children’s dreams come through.